9 ‘Lost’ Railway Stations

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1. Birmingham Snow Hill


This fine Edwardian station was demolished in 1977 despite a public outcry.  The historic fabric was razed and trains on the old Great Western line to Leamington were terminated at Moor Street – originally devised as an overflow station for Snow Hill. However, the damage to cross-city services was so severe that the station was rebuilt, in a smaller, far more utilitarian idiom, in 1987 – a mere ten years after the Victorian station had disappeared.

2. Newmarket


The unique Newmarket Station of 1848 had an imposing facade comprising a colonnade of eight sets of paired Ionic columns topped with massive entablature plinths and finials. Closed in 1967, the station buildings survived until 1980 – when, despite their listed status, they were regrettably demolished. Today the site is a housing development.

3. London Euston, The Arch


The most celebrated of all Britain’s railway monuments, the severe…

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Russian Railways-An Innovative Response

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The worlds second largest railway system with over 85,000 km. of track (and still building) is in Russia. In St. Petersburg the Central Museum of Railway Transport is at the
Varshavsky railway station.


There on public display is a rail based RS-23 ICBM also known as Scalpel. Recently announced from officials within the Russian Ministry of Defense are plans to reintroduce the rail based deployment of ICBMs. “Bulava” and “Yars” missiles will be configured to train cars as part of a rolling and virtually undetectable platform.
This is a brilliant and relatively inexpensive defensive means of countering and defeating any attempt for an enemy to achieve “first strike” capability. The Bulava missile (RSM-56) is an extraordinary solid fuel multiple warhead (10) with flexible use at sea and land. Currently it is installed in the Borei class submarines. The Yars (RS-24) also carries 10 independently guided warheads with 150-300 mega ton…

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